Working From Home? Check Out These Home Office Ideas

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Yesterday, we talked a bit about the pros and cons of working from home. If your employer allows it, working from home is a convenient way to increase your productivity (if, of course, you can be productive while working from home). However, working from home will likely require more than just a comfy sofa, your cell phone and laptop. You may not have an entire extra room to spare for a whole home office, but there are some things you can do to help increase productivity with your very own home “office” space.

How can you do that? Well, take a peek at our checklist of home office essentials. When you are planning out your home office space, you’ll definitely want to keep these things in mind!

• Location:  Not everyone has a spare bedroom they can convert into a home office. If you don’t, consider where in your space you will want to do your work. Find a spot with minimal distraction to set up camp. You can consider the garage, the basement, a large closet, a space room, or even a large corner somewhere in your home.
• Your Desk: Are you going to spring for a full on desk with storage space, or will you convert an existing table top in your home into your “desk”? Either way, you need a stable work station and ample area for storage space. You’ll also want a desk that is close to outlets for plugging in your electronics such as your laptop and phone.
• Be creative: One of the easiest ways to increase productivity and workplace happiness is to have a space that you can feel creative and excited about being in. if you’re really into it, paint the walls in your “office” a bold color. However, getting creative with your space can be as simple as setting up some greenery on your desk or a really wild chair.
• Keep comfort in mind: If you plan to work from home, while the couch is not the most ideal place, you will certainly want a chair to sit in that is comfortable! Test out some chairs and see which one is going to be best for your productivity – comfort is important!

Surrounding yourself with success is the best way to breed success for you. Working from home can be rewarding and convenient, you just have to put some time into the decision first!


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